Implications - How may you be affected?

Consider how the loss of the largest area of irreplaceable green space in the community if replaced with yet another housing development could affect you.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Without General Brock our community will be devastated of accessible parkland - less than the parkland standards used by the city.

  • The preservation of urban green space is important for the well being of the environment. Global issues such as Climate change must be addressed at the local level. Holding onto Burlington's green areas is critical if the City is to be a sustainable one.

  • More housing could increase local school populations and perhaps a need for more school portables and perhaps larger class sizes to accommodate more children?

  • Infill could result in more traffic and congestion on our neighbouring streets - our children's/senior's safety is a priority.

  • Seniors, families and children no longer able to easily access this nearby parkland for leisure, sports, peaceful walks or simply to fly a kite. Crossing busy streets or driving to other parks farther away is not a solution.

  • We already have wait lists for youth soccer; imagine a loss of 3 more playing fields healthy lifestyles are important to our children and their future.

  • More people, more housing, more congestion can = lower community property values and a reduced quality of life for residents.

  • As Burlington approaches build-out over the next 5 years (the addition of up to 200,000 more citizens utilizing all remaining development space), it is more critical than ever that all remaining green space and supporting sports fields be preserved if we are to provide the quality of life for future generations that we have been fortunate to enjoy!

Imagine the potential!

The potential for this valued site can only be realized if our school board and city leaders demonstrate the willingness, commitment and courage to do things differently with the General Brock site by securing the parklands in perpetuity.

As our population climbs and development intensifies, the need for accessible green open space in the heart of communities to enjoy and play in will only increase.

Many of you have shared your vision for the site such as:

  • Community centre with indoor & outdoor year-round recreational opportunities

  • Centre for Sustainability making use of the exiting building service capabilities such as greenhouse for community garden program, commercial kitchen for organic garden and market program, linking hiking trails surrounding park perimeter for adjacent seniors, daycare and citizens city wide to enjoy, green roof top and innovative alternative energy use renovations and more

  • Further expansion of the “growing” tree nursery to provide a local forest community for public and school field study use.

  • Future home of a college/university satellite campus honouring current site footprint to keep public lands in public hands while preserving area parkland.

  • Land swap with Assumption school to provide student population with required indoor /outdoor space to service their needs now and into the future.

  • ...and many more ideas.

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“I am an artist and resident of the area, and am a frequent visitor of the school’s parkland. The green space is home to diverse wildlife, beautiful vegetation and superb sports fields for soccer and baseball. I have enjoyed this space that is an oasis of calm beauty and meditative serenity to inspire my art…”

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