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City of Burlington
Mayor and Councillors
Mayor Jackson
Ward 6 - Carol D'Amelio
Ward 1 - Rick Craven
Ward 2 - Peter Thoem
Ward 3 - John Taylor
Ward 4 - Jack Dennison
Ward 5 - Rick Goldring
MPP Joyce Savoline
MP Mike Wallace
Halton District School Board
Director: Wayne Joudrie
Ward Trustee: Peggy Russell
Local Governments for Sustainability
Burlington Women's Recreational Soccer League
Burlington Sport Alliance
Burlington Green environmental advocacy organization
Ontario Municipal Board
Burlington Senior Recreational Soccer League
Burlington Vintage Baseball League
Burlington Youth Soccer Club

"As our City grows and infill becomes more common, I feel the City would be very short sighted to lose any or all of the Brock site. It is established and doesn't need developing."

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