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Below are a few options for you to make a difference!

  • Sign our petition

  • Email your opinions to the School Board and City Politicians

  • Volunteer in any way you can (big or small) to support our efforts. Note: we need support with our website so if you have some skills here, this is a helpful way you can support the effort right from your home!

Petition to save the park

One way you can demonstrate your support for this issue is to review the petition statement below and if you agree, please "sign" the following petition.

In addition to other public opinion submissions collected by this Committee, the list of petition signatures will be gathered and forwarded to our school board, city and provincial leaders.

Please review the following statement and if you support it, please send the following information to our Chair at and include:

  1. Your full name (to ensure petition validity)

  2. Full address

  3. Ward # (if you know it)

  4. State: "I agree"

Petition Statement: That the Halton District School Board, City of Burlington, Provincial Government & citizens work together to find a solution for the General Brock property, that preserves all the site's green space and restrains any future development to the "footprint" of the current school and parking areas.

Thank you for your support!

E-mail your opinions on this issue to...

The property "owners" (Halton District School Board) and provincial representative MPP Joyce Savoline:

Director: Wayne Joudrie

Ward School Board Trustee: Peggy Russell

 MPP Joyce Savoline

Find the Trustee representing your Community at Halton School Board Trustees:

AND...write to Burlington’s elected officials...

the City of Burlington Ward Councilor's and Mayor

The Save General Brock Parklands Committee is a recognized City of Burlington Council approved Committee. For over five years, our group of volunteer citizens have been meeting with City staff and sharing the concerns of this issue to Council members. It is important that they hear from YOU DIRECTLY about why you value the parklands at General Brock and that you would like their vote of support to ensure their preservation for current and future generations to enjoy.

Mayor Cam Jackson

Ward 1 - Rick Craven

Ward 2 - Peter Thoem

Ward 3 - John Taylor

Ward 4 - Jack Dennison

Ward 5 - Rick Goldring

Ward 6 - Carol D'Amelio

We would appreciate hearing from you too so please cc your emails to so your comments can be posted on our website. Thank you.

Volunteer to be part of this process. Please contact our Committee volunteer coordinator at for more information on how you can get involved.

Thank you for voicing your opinions and helping to making a difference!

"I strongly support the work of the 'Save General Brock committee' to preserve as much green space as possible "

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